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Types of Solutions We Can Offer You

Types of Solutions We Can Offer You

There are many possibilities… Let’s talk!


If you have not been able to short sale or modify your loan Mortgage Assignment may work for you.

We’ll take over your payments and give you debt relief.

If there is enough equity after marketing and repairs, we can make payments to you for your equity.

If Your Property has no Mortgage

We can offer to make payments to you directly for your equity.

Customize An Offer For You

If you must have cash, we can pay some now and some later.
We’ll give you a balloon payment when we sell.

Are You Behind on Payments? Trouble selling the house?

Finally there's Good news! 
You Can Escape and Sell the House
and Walk Away Debt-Free with a Short Sale!

We will buy your house directly, and negotiate with your Bank to let you walk away without your current mortgage burdens.

We can also: 
 Get the Bank to stop harassing you - effective within 72 hours!
 Get them to promise in writing to release you from past debts

Don't get stuck again relying on realtors!

If you qualify, Innovative Real Estate Solutions  has a special short sale program where we will put in a cash offer on your house, and negotiate with the bank to buy the house.

What is a short sale?
There's lots of wrong information out there about short sales.

Let's clear it up: in a short sale, the bank agrees to take less than what's currently owed for the house, in exchange for the quick cash from an investor. Most of the time, the Bank will let you walk away without having to pay the difference.


Top 7 Benefits of a Short Sale:


You can walk away Debt-Free from your mortgage


You can sell the house for free at no cost (Innovative Real Estate Solutions  pays all fees & commissions)


You can save your credit score, instead of going into foreclosure or filing bankruptcy


You can have a permanent solution to avoid foreclosure


You can avoid bankruptcy staining your credit for up to 10 years


You can take control right away instead of waiting or relying on Realtors


You can sell the house and get closure in a situation where it would normally be impossible, any other way.

All about Short Sales!

Why do Short Sales happen?
A short sale occurs when the current debts on a house are roughly equal to, or greater than the fair market value of the house.

This makes it very hard to actually SELL your house, because to break even, you need to sell for way more than it's currently worth. And let's face it, in this down-market, who is going to overpay for a house?? A good way to tell if your house could possibly be overpriced, is if you have tried selling it for a long time, and had no offers.

What are the next steps?
We need to determine if your property qualifies. Call us now Toll Free at 800-709-1732, and ask for Tony or leave a message.

If you prefer, you can submit your property information confidentially using our
 OFFER FORM, and put "short sale" in the "reason for selling" box.

A personal consultant will get back to you promptly to get the ball rolling.

What happens if I need a Short Sale, but don't do it?
If you choose to take no action at all, and can't catch up all the payments and penalties, then eventually your house will be repossessed by the Bank.

If you are in denial of this fact, please visit your County sheriff and observe how many houses are repossessed each and every week.

Most of these homeowners needed short sales, and could have walked away debt free and saved their credit score. However, because they stubbornly resisted until the last minute, they are now in a much worse situation.

Most people are not aware that after the Bank takes back your house, it is not game over. Until the Bank actually resells your house, or if they sell it at a loss, they can actually send a deficiency judgment against the homeowner for the difference. For some banks this is actually a policy.

It is hard for most people that are in denial to admit how much less their home is worth today than when they bought it. Many stubborn homeowners grow attached to what they feel their house was worth 1, 2, or more years ago…at the height of the market. They do not realize how far the real, present-day value of their house has fallen! They cannot sell, because rather than admit they have no equity and try to walk away while they have the chance, they keep trying to sell at unrealistic prices. They fall further behind on payments each month, and to the day their house is repossessed in foreclosure.

Part of the reason this happens is people think their only option is to try to sell for their mortgage balance and break even, which is impossible if the house is overpriced. They do not realize that they can do a short sale and achieve the same result.

Innovative Real Estate Solutions LLC handles everything Start-to-Finish!


How does it work?
Once you decided you want to sell and walk away, Innovative Real Estate Solutions  can take action immediately.

Here is out process for doing short sales:


You Contact Us.

You call us at 800-709-1732 or submit an OFFER FORM so we can get the basic information we need.


Initial Consultation.

We will determine if we want the house. We will also review the next steps so you are comfortable with the process, and know where you stand at all times.


Innovative Real Estate Solutions  agrees to buy the house.

We collect all necessary paperwork, and submit the offer to the Bank (or Banks if you have multiple mortgages).


Innovative Real Estate Solutions  negotiates with Bank.

We will try to agree on a price that the Bank will take in exchange for letting you walk away.


Your Bank approves the sale.

At this point we also get them to promise in writing to release you from past debts, before completing the sale.


Innovative Real Estate Solutions  buys the house, You walk away Debt-Free

Innovative Real Estate Solutions  will close on the house, and payoff all the debts, bills, mortgages, and taxes on the property. You will not be responsible for any fees or closing costs that you would normally pay when selling a house in any other manner.

At this point, any foreclosure proceedings that may have been under way are officially and permanently stopped with the State.


You have closure.

The nightmare is over, and you are now officially free from your debts and housing situation! 

You can start rebuilding your life and credit!

What you do next with this freedom is up to you!

Yes, but Can it work for ME?

How to tell if you qualify for a Innovative Real Estate Solutions  Short Sale?
If you are behind on payments AND want to sell the house, then you already meet the key criteria.
 You should call us toll-free to discuss your options at 800-709-1732 (Ask for Paul or leave a message with Pat), or fill out our confidential OFFER FORM, and put "short sale" in "reason for selling".

These added factors are helpful, but not neccessary:
- house is upside down (little or no equity), or overleveraged

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